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The Sidereal Calendar is the calendar that was used during the times of the Pharaohs in Kemet. This is humanity’s oldest calendar, yet it is still in use today as the most astronomically accurate calendar in human history.

Throughout the world, many cultures have been forced to use the Gregorian calendar because of colonisation. The Sidereal Calendar gives us a link to humanity’s original culture while providing accurate time division. It unites all of humanity as one people, while giving all of us a reference in time and space that is not based on socio-religious or political events.


All calculations of the calendar are based on the great heliacal rising of the Sirius Star. The Sidereal Calendar is therefore astronomically based, and as a result, entirely scientific. This Kemetic Calendar app will syncronise with your phone's calendar, import your events, and permit you to schedule events. Learn about the Divinities which rule over each month, as well as follow instructions on how to observe the Holy Days which have been associated with this calendar for thousands of years.


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