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Our Activities 
How We Work

The Earth Center is made up of Temples and Committees that are part of wider international networks, each one sharing our ethos of preserving ancient spiritual wisdom and indigenous community livelihoods. The Committees are:

M’TAM Schools

M'TAM the study of Kemetic Spirituality and Earth Energies provides authentic, Kemetic, initiation classes in the tradition of the education system of Kemet (Africa).

Firefly Productions is the publishing branch of The Earth Center through which we disseminate and promote Kemetic spiritual knowledge and philosophy via audio, video and reading materials. Products are not available here, whilst this site is under construction, products are available from the temples - Contact:


Projects in Meritah (Africa) aims to protect humanity’s cultural legacy by assisting its traditional communities with sustainable development. 



These activities are all actively preserving Temple spiritual principles, and disciplines of its related M'TAM education for the benefit of our adherents, as well as the public - Our openness to everyone who is interested, helps in achieving our goal of fostering greater understanding about the diverse range of human spiritual heritage and thereby, enhancing unity amongst all people:

A. Divine Worship & Spiritual Development:

Our UK Temples, Priesthood & Temple-keepers

B. Educational Dissemination & Charitable Operations:

  1. M'TAM School of Spirituality & Philosophy

  2. Firefly Publications

  3. Projects in Meritah 

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