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Our Ethos - London School & Coventry School, UK

The ethos of the M'TAM School is to bring diverse peoples together so that they can learn to grow with one another. Including all cultures and ethnicities is vital for M'TAM because our philosophy promotes maintaining the balance necessary for the becoming of existence, enhancing life, preserving Earth and preserving all human beings.

The M’TAM Schools in London and Coventry are a part of The Earth Center UK non-profit spiritual organisation. Our mission is to uplift and re-connect humanity with its roots in ancient nature-based, spiritual cultivation.


The Earth Center offers the only authentic Kemetic-Dogon initiation that is available outside of the African bush; it thereby offers spiritual services, foundation initiation classes for spiritual seekers as well as other cultural activities, workshops and events.

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Per-Ankh (Foundation-level) Initiation are comprised of 3 disciplines:



    • Learn Kemetic culture, history and Dogon Philosophy. Learn to read, write, and speak humanity's original language.


    • Learn Kemetic Spirituality and meditation techniques practiced by the Dogon Priesthood.


    • Learn the Kemetic knowledge and understanding of the material and non material aspects of the human body, illnesses that affect the body and non invasive techniques for maintaining health and well being.

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A Traditional Initiation (Graduation) - And Beyond

On successful completion of the Per Ankh (foundation) level classes over a duration of 12-18 months - depending on the progress in learning of your 'generation' (cohort) you become eligible to:

  1. Graduate as an initiate of the M'TAM School;​​

  2. Receive your new Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) name through an Earth Energy Reading into your life goals;

  3. Become an apprentice teacher under the guidance of experienced M'TAM School Tutors;

  4. Continue your learning at the higher level as an apprentice spiritual healer or apprentice priest in the Earth Center Kemetic Temple community.

If you are interested in attending our classes or would like to know more about the Earth Center, please join our mailing list - Subscribe here>


You can also sit in on one of our classes free of charge. Contact us to make an appointment.

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