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Our Goals

The Earth Center’s goal for Meritah Projects is to protect humanity’s cultural legacy by assisting its traditional communities with sustainable development. In this Kemetic cultural renaissance, the diaspora may contribute their energies into maintaining the cultural integrity that has, for so long, preserved our Ancestral heritage.


We are dedicated to developing several long-term projects throughout the continent of Meritah. These projects exist to solve the current problems facing the traditional communities and cultures on which we depend. In addition, they develop stable resources and the opportunity for individuals in the diaspora to properly re-assume their position in Kemetic culture.

Our Projects

Before Prophet Neb Naba passed away he directed his initiates to start a branch of Earth Center charitable activities called Projects in Meritah. This branch leads many projects around West Africa’s traditional territories including farming projects, clean water well construction, temple construction, sacred object reclamation, traditional ceremonies preservation projects and Het Aishat, the Ankhkasta Spiritual healing Center.




Contribute To Our Children's Education Fundraising Campaign!  

What makes this campaign different from any other fundraiser for educating children in Africa? The Earth Center is built on the foundation of indigenous principles and values, understanding that human beings thrive in a sustainable manner when they are educated and live according to a time-tested lifestyle that helps ground us in Nature.







We recognize the need for the upliftment of indigenous voices and wisdom in our daily lives so that we are better equipped to manoeuvre the rapidly changing landscape of our society. By assisting the youth to have that dynamism in being both rooted in their rich traditions, and giving them the opportunity to learn how to navigate the larger, interconnected and globalized society, we see the potential for a powerful exchange of wisdom.

Support our Children’s Education project by donating to our GoFundMe link: 

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