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Maintaining Spiritual & Mental Equilibrium

Do you live in a busy city?
Do you sleep during the day and wake up at night to clock in to your job?

We are in a time where many of us have been alienated from the natural world around us. We have abandoned our Ancestors’ pursuit of maintaining a harmonious becoming, and instead risk our health and sanity to make a weekly cheque to stay in the “rat race.”

Some of us feel pulled to resist. We feel drawn to seeking proven ways of healing our mind, body and spirit. The Kemetic temples have preserved certain words used as mantras to eliminate stress. These mantras and the vibrations they carry have been used for millennia and this practice has been adopted by many meditation schools around the world.

Spiritual Practices & Techniques

In the Ka’at Ibi course within the M’TAM Initiation, initiates learn to utilise mantras in the Medu language. The Medu is the oldest documented language and has been preserved for millennia. It is the original language of the meditative techniques of the Kemetic temples. More and more individuals are realising that our pursuit of Divine qualities in the temple traditions that have proven themselves for the longest time in human history is the best way to resist the chaotic societies we call home.

You can start with the simple mantra MIN to reduce stress. Quiet yourself and just repeat the word MIN, holding the N sound as long as your breath lasts. Doing this will quickly reduce anger or stress.

For more information about techniques to balance the mind, relieve stress & harmonise the self call: 0208 558 3678  to sit in on a Ka’at Ibi class.

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