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Pilgrimages to Meritah (Africa)

Earth Centre initiates are expected to participate in an annual pilgrimage organised by The Earth Centre. The pilgrimage extends across 4-5 countries in Western Meritah, including Ghana, Benin, Togo and Burkina Faso.

Initiates have the opportunity to meet and interact with initiates from other Earth Centre Schools in the United States, Canada, and locally, who travel, and learn from priests and healers at local Temples that have preserved the knowledge and practices of  Kemetic/Dogon spiritual principles and ceremonies.


The pilgrimage normally is undertaken for 2-3 months, though some initiates attend for a couple of weeks if needed due to their personal circumstances or work constraints.

Reconnecting with our roots in Meritah 

The annual pilgrimage is also a great opportunity for initiates in the diaspora to become familiar with places (historical, natural, sacred) and be introduced to initiatic communities in Meritah, establishing a valuable connection - as well as seeing and experiencing first-hand, much of the materials taught in the foundation level (per-ankh) classes.

Initiates participate in temple ceremonies, social gatherings, annual deity festivals, meeting local dignitaries as well as Royal patrons of the Temples.

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