The Kemetic Sidereal Calendar is a must-have for the spiritual beginner. Knowing one’s place in space and time is considered basic in the field of spirituality, and is the best and easiest way to become harmonized with one’s surroundings.

In ancient history, our ancestors charted the stars and discovered the most perfect cycle: the alignment of the Earth, moon, sun, and the Sirius star. Charted over several generations during times of spiritual enlightenment, our predecessors recorded this cycle occurring once every 1,461 years!

This cycle is so precise, that we can observe each day knowing which days are best for worship, for the ceremony, and for rest. With this calendar, we know with accuracy when Divinities are present, when our ancestors are present, when energies are neutral, and when energies are high.

Thanks to The Prophet, NABA Lamoussa Morodenibig, the Kemetic Calendar has been restored to humanity, complete with original names of Divinities that govern the months and weeks, and dates of important holy days and ceremonial fasts with explanations on how to worship or celebrate.

Additionally, this calendar gives information about the Divinity over one’s birth. This will help the neophyte understand their personality characteristics as well as what to avoid in their diet to align their actions with the preferences of the Divine.


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Kemetic Sidereal Calendar Year 418

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    • A Calendar for Spiritual Alignment
    • The World’s Original Zodiac Signs
    • Holy Days of Humanity’s First Civilization

    A portion of the proceeds from calendar sales will support projects for the empowerment of traditional (indigenous) culture.


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