Background to Ankhkasta

The name 'Ankhkasta' means ‘The life and spirit of Aishat’. In the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) culture, Aishat is the Goddess of Love and considered our mother, humanity's first maternal ancestor. She is considered to be the role model for motherhood, love and family devotion.


Ankhkasta Natural Healing, is a network of indigenous people whose approach to wellness is from a holistic perspective, based on the principal goal of preservation of life.


Indigenous societies understand that the human being does not begin or end with the physical body. All the techniques, consultations and herbs are based on that multidimensional understanding of nature. 

Ankhkasta UK - Mission

Ankhkasta Natural Healing aims to reintroduce humanity to Kemetic principles of healthy living, helping people to take personal responsibility for maintaining their own health and well-being.

Our spiritual health consultations, energy readings, spiritual healing and products assist in supporting health and natural balance to our body, mind and spirit.


In the Kemetic culture purity is an important part of the spiritual life. For example, Temples are kept clean as they take care of the spiritual aspects of life. This is done by cleaning inside the Temples materially and non materially, for example, cleaning of build up of unwanted dirt, dust etc and cleansing with the burning of incense.  


The body is understood to be the Temple for the spirit. A clean body allows for the spiritual aspect to be in balance, therefore, allowing the Human Being to live well adjusted to their environment.

What We Offer

Holistic Health Consultations

Ankhkasta offers one-to-one spiritual health consultations. These consultations provide you with an opportunity to have your health and body assessed by one of our spiritual healers. Our consultations are non-invasive, yet the spiritual healers are able to check the functionality of body systems in the same way in which human beings assessed the body traditionally. As the body is viewed from a multidimensional perspective, this includes related spiritual health assessments.

Please Note:  A spiritual health consultation, does not replace medical advice from your GP.


M'TAM Energy Readings

These are aimed at probing much deeper into the non-material, spiritual issues that may be influencing a person's energetic harmony within their life contexts. For more information on the consultations or readings, please call: 0208 558 3678.

We are a charitable, not-for-profit, religious organisation. Charity Registration pending.


The Earth Center UK provides Humanity an opportunity to reconnect with its roots within Kemetic (ancient Egyptian Spirituality, Philosophy and Culture) M'TAM is the very first education system of the Nile Valley.


T: 0208 558 3678 (London)

T: 0247 626 6859 & 07305 995944 (Coventry)



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